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An organization manages their sales process and tracks their competitors on opportunities through Microsoft Dynamics 365. A sales executive requests a report on how they are performing against each of their competitors. Using only out-of-box capabilities, how should you get this report for the sales executive?

A.    On a view of opportunities, run the Pipeline Management Excel Template.
B.    Add the Power Bl content pack for Sales Managers, and share it with the executive.
C.    Run the built-in Competitor Win/Loss report and send it to the sales executive.
D.    Create a dashboard with the chart editor and include the competitors’ details, and share it with the sates executive.

Answer: D

An organization uses goals for tracking sales and opportunities in Microsoft Dynamics 365. The organization wants to extend their sales and goals KPls. and have created a calculated field on Opportunity for Weighted Revenue, based on Est. Revenue and Probability. Now the organization wants to include weighted revenue in their goals. Which options meet this customer’s needs? Each answer represents a complete solution.

A.    Edit the existing goal metric and change the in-progress value to point to the new weighted revenue held.
B.    Add a new rollup query. In the query editor, include the weighted revenue field. Use the new rollup query in your goals.
C.    Create a new goal metric and name it “Weighted Revenue.”‘ Add rollup fields for actual value, and use the weighted revenue held for the in-progress value.
D.    Edit the existing goal metric for revenue, add a custom rollup field, and point it to the new weighted revenue field. Then, adjust the goal charts to also include the custom rollup field.

Answer: AB

Based on a conversation with a potential customer, you think there may be a Lead record for the customer in Microsoft Dynamics 365.
You need to find the disqualified lead so that you can review the activity history on the lead. Where are two places you can find this information? Each correct answer presents a complete solution.

A.    Disqualified Leads view
B.    Advanced Find
C.    Closed Leads view
D.    Leads Lookup view

Answer: CD

You want to review the status of the sales opportunities you have been working on for the past three months.
Which three system views allow you to review Won and Lost opportunities in Microsoft Dynamics 365? Each correct answer presents a complete solution.

A.    Closed Opportunities
B.    All Opportunities
C.    Top Open Opportunities
D.    My Open Opportunities
E.    Lost Opportunities

Answer: AD

You are using Microsoft Dynamics 365.
You can find your disqualified leads but are unable to delete the ones you have chosen for deletion.
What do you need to do to delete the leads?

A.    Ask your system administrator to give you the security permissions to delete leads.
B.    Ask your system administrator to give you share permission to delete leads.
C.    Reactivate the leads, then delete them.
D.    Qualify the leads, and then delete them.

Answer: A

You are working with an organization that uses Microsoft Dynamics 365 for sales. You want to show the sales personnel action carets with reminders for opportunity close dates, activities, reminders for emails that have not been responded to. and statistics on how often sent emails have been opened by recipients.
Which features should you implement in Dynamics 365?

A.    Relationship Insights with Auto Capture and Email Engagement
B.    Relationship Insights with Relationship Assistant and Email Engagement
C.    Relationship Insights with Relationship Analytics and Email Engagement
D.    Relationship Insights with Relationship Analytics and Relationship Assistant

Answer: B

An organization uses Microsoft Dynamics 365 to track Opportunities and Competitors. They want to make sure that a competitor is always tracked when it is mentioned in an email from a potential customer regarding an opportunity-How can this be achieved using the fewest steps?

A.    Instruct users to always manually associate the competitor when the Competitor Mentioned card is shown by the Relationship Assistant.
B.    Configure the Relationship Assistant, and check the Card Option for the Competitor Mentioned card to perform the associated action automatically instead of displaying the card.
C.    In the configuration for Auto Capture, enable the option to track competitors automatically when mentioned in emails regarding an opportunity.
D.    Create a workflow to scan emails for competitor names, and associate the mentioned competitor to the opportunity.

Answer: A

You are a sales manager for your company.
In order to improve sales, you want Microsoft Dynamics 365 to analyze the daily actions and communications of your sales staff. In addition, you would like the analysis data to be used to remind your sales people of upcoming activities and create actionable items to keep them focused. Which feature of Microsoft Dynamics 365 performs these functions?

A.    Auto Capture
B.    Relationship Assistant
C.    Email Engagement
D.    Site Map Designer

Answer: A

An organization uses Microsoft Dynamics 365 for lead management The organization wants to keep leads warm by contacting them weekly. How should you help your users contact leads on a regular basis by using Relationship Insights?

A.    Create a workflow on leads to remind the owner if there has been no activity for seven days.
B.    Enable the Relationship Assistant on the card options for “No Activity with Lead.” and change the “Days before notifyingTM” to 7.
C.    Enable Email Engagement on the card options for No Activity with Lead,” and change the “Days before notifyingTM” to 7.
D.    Enable Relationship Insights with Relationship Analytics to show cards for leads with no activity.

Answer: D

You have been hired to configure a new Microsoft Dynamics 365 implementation for a company. You need to create a business process flow that accommodates multiple work flows, based on a sen Which action will meet your need?

A.    Add additional multiple linear business process flows.
B.    Add stages to the linear business process flow.
C.    Add branches to the business process flow.
D.    Add multiple steps to the business process flow.

Answer: A

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