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2017 February Cisco Official New Released 500-451 Dumps in Lead2pass.com!

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This dump is valid to pass Cisco 500-451 and don’t just memorize the answer, you need to get through understanding of it because the question changed a little in the real exam. The material is to supplement your studies.

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If customers want to automate and simplify the deployment of one or more new Cisco Catalyst switches, which feature should they use?

A.    Cisco Smart Install
B.    Cisco Smart Deploy
C.    Cisco Auto Deploy
D.    Cisco Auto Config

Answer: A

When Cisco Catalyst 3850 Switches are implemented in a stack configuration, which command is used to verify the role of each switch in the stack, and what are the two roles supported?

A.    show switch stack role; active/standby
B.    show switch detail; active/standby
C.    show switch member; master/member
D.    show stack detail; master/member

Answer: B

Which platform supports SSO?

A.    Nexus 1000V Series Switches
B.    Catalyst 2960 Series Switches
C.    Catalyst 3850 Series Switches
D.    Catalyst 3750-X Series Switches

Answer: C

What is the best way to design a network to ensure that Cisco NSF operates according to specifications?

A.    Ensure that all attached neighbors are Cisco NSF-aware.
B.    Ensure that the local switch is the NSF master.
C.    Ensure that VSS NSF is enabled.
D.    Ensure that IOS ISSU is enabled.

Answer: A

Which three components are part of a Unified Access solution? (Choose three.)

A.    One Policy (Cisco ISE)
B.    One Management (Cisco Prime)
C.    One Network (wired, wireless, VPN access)
D.    One Controller (Converged)
E.    One Solution
F.    One Security

Answer: ABC

What is the first step that occurs when provisioning a wired device in a BYOD scenario?

A.    The smart hub detects that the physically connected endpoint requires configuration and must use
MAB to authenticate.
B.    The URL redirects to the Cisco ISE Guest Provisioning portal.
C.    Cisco ISE authenticates the user and deploys the SPW package.
D.    The device user attempts to access a network URL.

Answer: A

Which statement about the Cisco ISE BYOD feature is true?

A.    Use of SCEP/CA is optional.
B.    BYOD works only on wireless access.
C.    Cisco ISE needs to integrate with MDM to support BYOD.
D.    Only mobile endpoints are supported.

Answer: A

Which two statements about beacon frames used by access points are true? (Choose two.)

A.    They contain SSIDs if this feature is enabled.
B.    They provide vendor proprietary information.
C.    They are another name for an associated request.
D.    They are sent in response to a probe frame.
E.    They include ATIM window information for power save operations.

Answer: AB

Which installation option is available as of Prime Infrastructure 2.0?

A.    distributed
B.    web-based installation
C.    physical appliance
D.    Windows installer

Answer: C

When configuring the RADIUS server between ISE and the network access device, there are many different types of NADs. Which option is the NAD?

A.    Cat2960 Access Switches
B.    CAP-3600 Access Point in Local mode
C.    CT 5508 Wireless LAN Controller
D.    Cisco Prime Infrastructure
E.    AnyConnect wireless client

Answer: C

About 90% questions are from this 500-451 dump. One thing you need to pay attention is the questions are rephrased in the real 500-451 exam. And btw selections are jumbled so you must remember the answer itself not the letter of choice.

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