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2017 February Cisco Official New Released 500-452 Dumps in Lead2pass.com!

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How do Flexible NetFlow and unified monitoring differentiate between compressed and uncompressed network traffic when Cisco WAAS is introduced into the environment?

A.    no ability
B.    by using segment IDs
C.    by using pass-through
D.    by changing the packet type

Answer: B

On what is the Cisco security approach based?

A.    attack lifecycle
B.    first-hop security
C.    the inability of cyber criminals to exploit zero-day vulnerabilities
D.    deployment of traditional security architecture that eliminates cyber threats within a campus or branch

Answer: A

What is a key advantage of Cisco GET VPN over DMVPN?

A.    Cisco GET VPN provides zero-touch deployment of IPSEC VPNs.
B.    Cisco GET VPN supports certificate authentication for tunnel establishment.
C.    Cisco GET VPN has a better anti-replay mechanism.
D.    Cisco GET VPN does not require a secondary overlay routing infrastructure.

Answer: D

Where is multicast traffic sent, when it is originated from a spoke site in a DMVPN phase 2 cloud?

A.    spoke-spoke
B.    nowhere, because multicast does not work over DMVPN
C.    spoke-spoke and spoke-hub
D.    spoke-hub

Answer: D

Which two are features of DMVPN? (Choose two.)

A.    It does not support spoke routers behind dynamic NAT.
B.    It requires IPsec encryption.
C.    It only supports remote peers with statically assigned addresses.
D.    It supports multicast traffic.
E.    It offers configuration reduction.

Answer: DE

What is integrated into Cisco ISR G2 router platforms?

A.    Cisco CWS license
B.    Scan Center portal
C.    Cisco CWS connector
D.    Cisco CWS tower

Answer: C

Which URL is used to verify that Cisco CWS is working as configured?

A.    http://whoami.scansafe.net/
B.    http://whoami.cws.net/
C.    http://verify.scansafe.net/
D.    http://verify.cws.net/

Answer: A

What can be used to replace static ACLs on Internet-facing interfaces?

A.    dynamic ACLs
B.    service provider firewalls
C.    VPNs
D.    zone-based firewalls

Answer: D

Which route is needed in the global table for internal users to access the Internet?

A.    route to the service provider
B.    route to the internal DNS server
C.    default route
D.    static route to Internet web sites

Answer: C

What are the two simplest methods to give guest users access to the Internet? (Choose two.)

A.    public DNS service
B.    Cisco CWS tower
C.    private DNS service
D.    private CWS tower
E.    FVRF for guest UIs

Answer: AE

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