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Which three options are ways in which the Cisco BYOD Smart Solution offers value for partners? (Choose three.)

A.    predictability through the use of Cisco Validated Designs
B.    exposure through the use of Cisco partner marketing agreements
C.    relevancy through the use of a modular approach
D.    simplicity through the use of a comprehensive partner site
E.    education through the use of Cisco Partner University

Answer: ACD

Which two options are applications that enable collaboration in the Cisco Mobile Collaboration Solution? (Choose two.)

A.    AnyConnect
B.    Cisco Prime
C.    Jabber
D.    Mobile Device Management
E.    WebEx

Answer: CE

Which application is an all-in-one Cisco Unified Communications application?

A.    TelePresence
B.    WebEx
C.    Jabber
D.    Unity

Answer: C

Which three options are the primary stages of the Cisco Connected Mobile Experiences? (Choose three.)

A.    protect
B.    connect
C.    inspect
D.    engage
E.    detect

Answer: BDE

When comparing location to presence, which two statements are true? (Choose two.)

A.    Presence requires a minimum of two access points.
B.    Location provides a more precise device location than presence.
C.    Location requires a minimum of three access points.
D.    Presence is not part of the Cisco CMX Analytics offering.

Answer: BC

Which component of the Cisco CMX Solution drives the CMX applications?

A.    Identity Services Engine
B.    Cisco Prime Infrastructure
C.    Mobility Services Engine
D.    Mobility Experiences SDK

Answer: C

Which three elements are part of Cisco Unified Access? (Choose three.)

A.    Cisco Prime Infrastructure
B.    Cisco Enterprise Mobility Services Platform
C.    802.11ac-enabled wireless access switches
D.    Cisco Wireless Intrusion Prevention System
E.    Cisco Identity Services Engine

Answer: ACE

Which two services are parts of the Mobile Network Services layer of the Cisco CMX Solution Architecture? (Choose two.)

A.    social analytics
B.    presence
C.    guest access
D.    browser-based services
E.    service discovery

Answer: BE

Which four options are important components in the Cisco CMX and location-based services topology? (Choose four.)

A.    Identity Services Engine
B.    CAPWAP Access Points
C.    Mobility Services Engine
D.    Wireless LAN Controllers
E.    Prime Infrastructure
F.    Application Control Engine

Answer: BCDE

For Cisco CMX location services, what is the minimum number of access points that a wireless device must be seen by to provide the highest accuracy in locating it?

A.    one
B.    two
C.    three
D.    four

Answer: D

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