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Which 3GPP specification describes charging management, charging architecture, and principles?

A.    3GPP-TS-32.240
B.    3GPP-TS-32.295
C.    3GPP-TS-32.297
D.    3GPP-TS-32.299

Answer: A

Which option describes local-user accounts on the Cisco ASR 5000?

A.    The local-user account is ANSI T1.276-2003 compliant.
B.    The local-user account can be configured only in the local context.
C.    The local-user account allows for privilege-level escalation on a context level.
D.    The local-user account can be accessed only from the serial port.

Answer: A

Which statement describes what occurs with a UE in an active Voice over LTE call being handed over successfully from the 4G LTE network to the 3G network via enhanced SR- VCC technology?

A.    The voice call is interrupted and reconnected during the hand-over.
B.    The voice call must be handed over to Voice over HSPA in 3G network.
C.    The voice call uses a circuit-switched connection in the 3G network.
D.    The voice call is handed back to 4G Voice over LTE when coverage is back.

Answer: C

Which three options are valid functions performed by Mobility Management Entity? (Choose three.)

A.    Header compression and user plane ciphering
B.    PDN GW and Serving GW selection
C.    Tracking area list management
D.    User plane packet forwarding and routing
E.    UE IP address allocation
F.    NAS signaling

Answer: BCF

As per the 3GPP, which value of the AVP Result-Code is sent by the PCRF to indicate that the subscriber profile is not available in its SPR?

A.    2001
B.    5002
C.    4011
D.    5030

Answer: D

Which two IEs are ignored by the LTE domain when the EPS QoS parameter is mapped to the R99 QoS parameter? (Choose two.)

A.    pre-emption capability
B.    ARP priority
C.    MBR of PDP context associated with the background traffic class
D.    MBR of PDP context associated with the interactive traffic class
E.    pre-emption vulnerability

Answer: AE

Which parameter provides support of radio resource management by the MME across the S1 interface?

A.    RFSP index
B.    relative MME capacity
C.    GUTI

Answer: A

Which service does the S11 interface configuration correspond to on the Cisco ASR 5000 system?

A.    egtp-service
B.    sgtp-service
C.    egtp-sv-service
D.    gtpu-service

Answer: A

Which two Diameter interfaces are used in Voice over LTE? (Choose two.)

A.    Gn
B.    Gx
C.    ISC
D.    Gi
E.    Cx
F.    Sv

Answer: BE

Which option describes the function of ENUM in Voice over LTE?

A.    It converts SIP URI to Telco URI.
B.    It is used for the call forwarding service.
C.    It assigns a telephone number to an IMS UE.
D.    It generates a query in the e164.arpa domain.

Answer: D

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