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When using the tunnel mpls traffic-eng path-option 1 explicit name test command in Cisco MPLS TE tunnel configurations, the test explicit-path configuration will consist of a list of which values?

A.    tunnel endpoint
B.    resource class affinity
C.    MPLS label
D.    IP address

Answer: D

Cisco MPLS TE resource attributes that are configured locally for each link are distributed to the headend router of the traffic engineering tunnel using which protocol?

A.    BGP
B.    MP-BGP
C.    LDP
D.    RSVP
E.    OSPF or IS-IS with TE extension

Answer: E

When implementing Cisco MPLS TE, the constrained-based path calculations will use which value as the TE cost of each link within the MPLS domain?

A.    By default, it will use the IGP metric, or each link can be assigned a specific value using the admin- weight
B.    It can only use the IGP metric as the TE cost.
C.    It will use the interface bandwidth as the TE cost.
D.    Each link must be assigned a TE cost using the metric command.

Answer: A

Within the service provider core network, which two QoS mechanisms are typically deployed on the P routers? (Choose two.)

A.    LLQ
B.    traffic policing and remarking
C.    WRED
D.    traffic shaping
E.    traffic classification and markings
F.    link fragmentation and interleaving

Answer: AC

Which three steps are required to configure QPPB on Cisco IOS XR routers? (Choose three.)

A.    Apply a QPPB route policy to the BGP process using the table-policy command
B.    Apply a QPPB route policy to the BGP neighbor using the route-policy command
C.    Define a QPPB route policy to match the customer routes, then set the IP precedence or qos- group
D.    Define a QPPB route policy to match the customer IP precedence or qos-group markings, then set the
BGP community
E.    Enable QPPB on an interface using the ipv4 bgp policy propagation input ip-precedence|qos-group
destination|source command
F.    Enable QPPB on an interface using the ipv4 bgp policy propagation output ip-precedence|qos- group
destination|source command

Answer: ACE

In Cisco MPLS TE implementations, what can cause the tunnel bandwidth to adjust automatically based on the traffic load in the tunnel?

A.    fast reroute
B.    admin weight
C.    autobandwidth
D.    bandwidth subpool

Answer: C

Which affinity value will be matched by the affinity bit mask of the affinity 0xFF00000A mask 0xFFFF000F command?

A.    0xFFFF000A
B.    0xFF00EEEA
C.    0xFF000000
D.    0x00000000
E.    0x11110001

Answer: B

Refer to the Cisco IOS XR configuration exhibit. Which statement is correct?

A.    The backup tunnel-te 10 tunnel is using the highest setup and hold priority settings of 7.
B.    The backup tunnel path is learned dynamically.
C.    The fast-reroute command is missing under the (config-mpls-te-if)# configuration mode.
D.    Interface gi0/0/0/10 is the protected link.

Answer: D

When defining an explicit MPLS TE tunnel path, which two command options are available under the explicit-path configuration mode? (Choose two.)

A.    exclude-address
B.    include-address
C.    next-address
D.    dynamic-address

Answer: AC

Which three mechanisms are used to implement MPLS TE? (Choose three.)

A.    tunnel interface
B.    CSPF
C.    RSVP
D.    LDP
E.    MP-BGP

Answer: ABC

Implementing IPoDWDM interfaces on Cisco CRS routers eliminates the need for which network component?

B.    external transponders
C.    electrical-optical-electrical converters
D.    electrical cross-connect

Answer: B

What is the correct formula for determining the CIR?

A.    CIR = Bc/Tc
B.    CIR = Bc x Tc
C.    CIR = Tc/Bc
D.    CIR = Bc + Be
E.    CIR = Tc/(Bc+Be)
F.    CIR = (Bc+Be)/Tc

Answer: A

DS-TE implementations on Cisco routers support which bandwidth pool(s) and class type(s)? (Choose two.)

A.    global pool only
B.    subpool only
C.    global pool and subpool
D.    class-type 0 only
E.    class-type 1 only
F.    class-type 0 and class-type 1

Answer: CF

Which QoS mechanism is used for congestion avoidance?

A.    LLQ
C.    WRED
D.    LFI
E.    traffic policing

Answer: C

Only based on the Cisco IOS XR policy-map configuration exhibit, Which statement is correct?

A.    All DSCP AF41 marked packets will be dropped when the average queue length reaches 12,000 packets.
B.    DSCP AF11 marked packets will be randomly dropped when the average queue length reaches 10,000 packets.
C.    DSCP AF11 and AF41 marked packets are guaranteed a minimum bandwidth of 1 Mb/s.
D.    DSCP AF11 and AF41 marked packets are guaranteed a maximum bandwidth of 1 Mb/s.

Answer: B

Referring to the show output exhibit, Which statement is correct?

A.    The P1 router is receiving label information for the prefix from two LDP peers.
B.    The P1 router is receiving label information for the prefix from two LDP peers.
C.    The P1 router is using the IMP-NULL local label for the prefix because is the
loopback interface IP address on the P1 router.
D.    The P1 router will perform PHP for the and prefixes.

Answer: B

Referring to the traceroute output exhibit that is shown, Which statement is correct?

A.    There is no problem with the end-to-end LSP as indicated by the successful trace.
B.    Normal PHP operation is performed by the hop 4 router.
C.    The end-to-end LSP is broken at hop 4.
D.    At each hop, each LSR is able to perform label swapping.

Answer: C

What is an important requirement with MPLS applications like Layer 3 MPLS VPNs?

A.    All the PE routers loopback addresses should be summarized to reduce the number of routing table
entries in the core routers.
B.    Targeted hellos are required between all the PE routers.
C.    An end-to-end LSP is required between the PE routers.
D.    The LSPs that are built between the PE routers must be symmetrical (bidirectional).

Answer: C

When implementing MPLS TE tunnels on Cisco IOS XR routers, what is the tunnel setup and hold priority value range, and which value has the highest priority?

A.    0-63, where 0 is the highest priority
B.    0-63, where 63 is the highest priority
C.    0-7, where 0 is the highest priority
D.    0-7, where 7 is the highest priority

Answer: C

Which Cisco IOS XR command should be used in order to enable LDP on all interfaces for which the IGP protocol is enabled?

A.    RP/0/0/CPU0:R1(config-ospf)#mpls ldp auto-config
B.    RP/0/0/CPU0:R1(config-ospf)#mpls ldp interface all enable
C.    RP/0/0/CPU0:R1(config-ospf)#enable all
D.    RP/0/0/CPU0:R1(config-ldp)#enable all

Answer: A

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