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Which two options are available through the participant icon? (Choose two.)

A.    List all missed calls.
B.    Drop a caller from the call.
C.    List all participants who were dropped from the call.
D.    List all participants on the call.
E.    Add a caller to the call.

Answer: BD
http://www.cisco.com/c/dam/en/us/td/docs/telepresence/ix_sw/8_x/user/guide/ix-8-1-ug.pdfpage 8

How can you change presentation display options during a call?

A.    Open the share tray and drag the presentation to the desired location.
B.    Open the share tray and assign display numbers to each presentation.
C.    Open the system settings and reconfigure the display options.
D.    Open the participant list and drag the presentation to the desired location.

Answer: A
The share tray allows you to move and duplicate content to and from the main and presentation displays.
To show the share tray, tap Share.
To add content to the conference, drag the content from the share tray to the presentation area.
To remove content from the conference, drag the content from the presentation area to the share tray.

Which installation key for the IX5000 is required for IX5000 infrastructure configuration?

A.    Cisco TMS
B.    Cisco VCS
C.    Unified Communication Manager
D.    TelePresence MCU

Answer: A

Which Configuration > Network button registers new or modified settings?

A.    Restart
B.    Apply
C.    Save
D.    Reset

Answer: B

Which two options to be noted during infrastructure configuration? (Choose two.)

A.    IP address
B.    MAC address
C.    number of screens
D.    serial number
E.    number of rows

Answer: CE

Which two infrastructure options provide gatekeeper functionality for the IX5000? (Choose two.)

A.    Unified Communicators Manager
B.    Cisco VCS
C.    TP Server
D.    Prime Collaboration
E.    Cisco TMS

Answer: BE

Which option contributes to a suboptimal room remediation?

A.    high-contrast elements
B.    acoustic tiles
C.    matte finishes
D.    earth-tone colors

Answer: A
For best video quality and a truly comfortable immersive experience, follow the below recommendations:
Avoid high-contrast elements such as very dark or very light colors Avoid glossy finishes
Earth tone colors work well
Add plants, decorations and other adornments to the room Stagger acoustic tiles for improved sound quality


Which device is a component of the IX5000?

A.    ceiling-mounted microphone array
B.    triple 4K UHD camera cluster
C.    acoustic ceiling tile
D.    Touch 8 user interface

Answer: B
This sleek and powerful system incorporates an elegant triple 4K Ultra High Definition (UHD) camera cluster, three high-definition 70-inch LCD screens, and theater-quality audio to bring people together as if they were just across the table. The IX5000 Series includes the single-row, six-seat IX5000 system, and the dual-row, 18-seat IX5200 system.  http://www.cisco.com/c/en/us/products/collateral/collaboration-endpoints/ix5000-series/datasheet-c78-733257.html

When is the extra jumper cable used?

A.    when extra devices need to connect to the power module
B.    when the power module fails
C.    when the codec fails
D.    when the displays fail

Answer: B

What is the purpose of the IX5000?

A.    immersive collaboration
B.    mobile-device use
C.    desktop use
D.    home use

Answer: A

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