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Which two peripheral devices are available for the IX5000? (Choose two.)

A.    additional Touch 12 screens
B.    additional Touch 10 screens
C.    additional Touch 8 screens
D.    document scanner
E.    auxiliary monitors

Answer: BE

What is the most effective way to improve the continuity of a Cisco TelePresence room?

A.    lighting fixtures
B.    adornments
C.    room color
D.    artwork

Answer: C

What levels of administration are available in the Cisco TelePresence Manager?

A.    Administrator, Meeting Scheduler and Diagnostic Technician
B.    Administrator and Meeting Scheduler
C.    Administrator, Concierge, and Diagnostic Technician
D.    Administrator and Concierge
E.    Meeting Scheduler and Diagnostic Technician
F.    Concierge, Meeting Scheduler and Diagnostic Technician

Answer: D

Where can you find presentation statistics in a point-to-point IX5000 call?

A.    Monitoring > Call Statistics > General
B.    Monitoring > Call Statistics > Audio Only
C.    Monitoring > Call Statistics > General > AV Call Video
D.    Monitoring > Call Statistics > General > AV Call Audio

Answer: A
Special Note for Statistics for HD Presentations
If you are sharing an HD presentation, the call statistics will appear in different places depending on whether the call is a point-to-point or multipoint call.


How many presentations can be shared when not on a call?

A.    four
B.    three
C.    two
D.    one

Answer: B
Content sharing
Two integrated digital presentation connectors are designed into the table, supporting the latest PC and Mac devices for local and remote content sharing. An additional third HDMI port is available for auxiliary input purposes such as a document camera. Three 1080p, 30 fps content sources are supported when the system is not in a call. Two 1080p, 30fps content sources are supported in call (IX5000 to IX5000 only). One 1080p, 30fps content source is supported when calling other Cisco and H.264 BFCP- compliant products.
Content can be shared on any of the 70″ main displays or aux display(s).  http://www.cisco.com/c/en/us/products/collateral/collaboration-endpoints/ix5000-series/datasheet-c78-733257.html

Which two options does the user control? (Choose two.)

A.    noise cancellation
B.    screen resolution
C.    camera image balance
D.    self view
E.    DTMF tones

Answer: DE

Which two options are available when an incoming call is received? (Choose two.)

A.    Answer
B.    Call
C.    Ignore
D.    Decline
E.    Share

Answer: CD
If someone calls you, you mayaccept, decline or ignore the call. http://www.cisco.com/c/dam/en/us/td/docs/telepresence/ix_sw/8_x/user/guide/ix-8-1-ug.pdfpage9

What are two requirements for Unified Communications Manager when used with an IX5000 that supports H.265? (Choose two.)

A.    Immersive Room license
B.    Unified Communications Manager Release 9.1.2 or later
C.    Unified Communications Manager Release10.5or later
D.    firewall traversal license
E.    Prime Collaboration

Answer: AC
Product compatibility
Cisco Unified Communications Manager 9.1.2 (H.264) and 10.5 or later (H.264 and H.265) Cisco TelePresence Multipoint Switch 1.9.6 or later Cisco TelePresence Manager 1.9.4 or later
Cisco TelePresence Management Suite 14.6 or later

How can users access the system information?

A.    through the Participant List icon
B.    through the Self View icon
C.    through the My Number drop-down list
D.    through the Camera Presents drop-down list

Answer: C
Explanation: https://www.cisco.com/c/dam/en/us/td/docs/telepresence/ix_sw/8_x/user/quickref/tp- ix5x00-qsg.pdf

When action can be completed before Unified Communications Manager is configured for the IX5000?

A.    Install the most resent IX software version
B.    Download software to the Touch device
C.    Place, but not receive, calls
D.    Modify device description in the Admin GUI.

Answer: A
Before you can use your system, you need to configure your system in Unified CM.
You can configure your system and complete all steps in this chapter before you add your system to Unified CM, but you will not be able to complete any of the following actions until you register your device:

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