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Utilizing the Cisco software lifecycle generates which two benefits for partners? (Choose two.)

A.    Adaptable deployment
B.    Software portability
C.    Improved sales performance
D.    Cisco incentives
E.    Increased efficiencies
F.    Sales promotions
G.    Customer support

Answer: CE

Which Cisco security benefit is a differentiator that allows partners to plan and model their businesses?

A.    Comprehensive vision for security
B.    One solution to fit every need
C.    Unparalleled commitment
D.    Lowest price points
E.    Best-in-class technologies

Answer: A

What is the primary customer challenge that is created by the wide variety of security solution providers on the market?

A.    Choosing the right provider
B.    Contacting all providers for information
C.    Finding a low-cost option
D.    Determining the single best security product

Answer: A

What are two outcomes of preparing for the business requirements workshop? (Choose two.)

A.    defining detailed customer requirements
B.    aligning the solution with customer business needs
C.    discovering which requirements conflict with the solution
D.    defining stakeholders

Answer: AD

End-to-end protection and protection across the attack continuum are features that demonstrate
which two Cisco business values? (Choose two.)

A.    Cost effectiveness
B.    Protection
C.    Control
D.    Flexibility
E.    Completeness

Answer: BE

The unmatched security that Cisco offers is demonstrated by its long-standing experience in which two options? (Choose two.)

A.    Mobile solutions
B.    Networks
C.    Software
D.    Security
E.    Devices

Answer: BD

Refer to the exhibit. Consolidating platforms and appliances under a single provider is an example of which customer cost saver?


A.    Less time scoping a breach
B.    Fewer resources to manage
C.    Faster integration
D.    Flexible licensing

Answer: D

Which response is correct if a customer wants to know how the Cisco Secure Access solution manages a changing user base in a growing company?

A.    Cisco architecture offers the lowest TCO by providing products that integrate together, lowering the cost of IT setup, management, and maintenance.
B.    Cisco delivers a flexible and scalable security solution framework that can adapt to changing customer needs.
C.    Cisco Security Intelligence Operations integrate all security solutions, providing advanced protection against new threats.
D.    Cisco provides the ability to monitor and restrict application usage. As applications becomemore complex. Cisco provides the flexibility to control all or subsets of the applications.

Answer: B

Which two aspects of Cisco solutions save customers money? (Choose two.)

A.    100 percent effectiveness
B.    Faster integration
C.    Fewer resources to manage
D.    Lowest-cost solutions
E.    Incentives programs
F.    Complete replacement of current infrastructure

Answer: BC

Centralized management and automatic updates are examples of which customer cost saver?

A.    Faster integration
B.    Flexible licensing
C.    Fewer resources to manage
D.    Less time scoping a breach

Answer: C

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