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Membership in which sender group will cause the C-Series-to skip checking the SMTP envelope’s “rcpt to” field against the RAT?


Answer: C

Which option is the proper syntax of the nslookup command in the Cisco ESA CLIto list mail exchangers for domain “cisco.com”?

A.    nslookup -d cisco.com -t mx
B.    nslookup mx cisco.com
C.    nslookup -type=mx cisco.com
D.    nslookup cisco.com mx

Answer: D

Which content cannot be blocked by content filters?

A.    RSADLP failure
B.    DKIM failure
C.    SPF failure
D.    credit card numbers

Answer: A

When you accept the default settings for the system setup wizard, which two outgoing policies are disabled? (Choose two.)

A.    Recipient access table
B.    Message filters
C.    Antispam
D.    Content filters

Answer: CD

Under which menu tab is Cisco Registered Envelope Service accessed for provisioning?

A.    System Administration
B.    Security Services
C.    Network
D.    Mail Policies
E.    Monitor

Answer: B

Refer to the exhibit. You have finished installing a C-160 that is designed to filter incoming and relay outgoing mail for the mail server exchange.bravo.com. This is a one armed installation.
The incoming mail cannot be received from any source on the internet.
According to the mail log, what is the most likely problem?

A.    The mail server needs to point to a private listener instead of a public listener.
B.    Exchange.bravo.com needs to be configured on the RELAYLIST
C.    An SMTP route needs to be configured for exchange.bravo.com
D.    Exchange.bravo.com needs to be configured in the RAT
E.    Exchange.bravo.com needs to be removed from the SUSPECTLIST

Answer: D

Refer to the exhibit. Based on the LDAP directory, what attribute names contain the value [email protected]? (Choose two.)

A.    mailLocalAddress
B.    mailRoutingAddress
C.    mail
D.    userPrincipalName
E.    sAMAcccountName

Answer: BC

Your customer has the default spam settings on their appliance. They need an immediate reduction in missed spam, but without increasing their false positive rate.
How should you advise them?

A.    Enable Intelligent Multi-Scan
B.    Enable Marketing Mail Detection.
C.    In the HAT settings, increase the SBRS threshold for the BLACKLIST sender group.
D.    Advise their end users to use the spam plugin or send false negatives samples to
[email protected]

Answer: A
IronPort Intelligent Multi-Scan incorporates multiple anti-spam scanning engines, including IronPort Anti-Spam, to provide an intelligent, multi-layer anti-spam solution. This method provides more accurate verdicts that increase the amount of spam that is caught but without increasing the false positives rate.

In the DLP Policy Manager, you have changed the “Action Applied to Messages:” from the default setting to “drop” for those messages with critical severity. All other severity settings are left at default. What action will be applied to messages classified at medium severity?

A.    Deliver
B.    Drop
C.    Quarantine
D.    Encrypt

Answer: A

Which of the following steps must be performed when configuring the C-Seriesto handle incoming mail for a new mail domain? The installation involves a one armed configuration with a single
listener. A separate mail server is configured in the new domain. (Choose two.)

A.    Add the new mail server to the RELAYLIST of the OutgoingMail Listener
B.    Configure an SMTP route to the new mail server.
C.    Add the new mail server to the RELAYLIST of the IncomingMail Listener
D.    Add the new mail domain to the HAT
E.    Add the new mail domain to the RAT

Answer: BE

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