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When configuring CRES, where do you enable read receipts?

A.    In the encryption profile
B.    In the content filter condition menu
C.    In the content filter action menu
D.    In the mail policy

Answer: A

Which option describes how the Cisco ESA fits into a network?

A.    It process POP3 messages.
B.    It handles SMTP-related traffic by routing the packets.
C.    It works as a mail exchange.
D.    The product should be installed in the DMZ.

Answer: B

Which two service problems can the Cisco Email Security Appliance solve? (Choose two.)

A.    DLP
B.    IPS
C.    Antispam
D.    URL filtering

Answer: AC

Which of the following is designed to block message campaigns that the recipient unknowingly subscribed to?

A.    Anti-Spam
B.    Anti-Virus
C.    Marketing Mail Detection
D.    Reputation Filters

Answer: C

Which ESA feature is used to apply smart identifiers?

A.    Content filters
B.    RSA data loss prevention engine
C.    Encryption policies
D.    Text resources

Answer: A

Using default settings, what describes the difference between rating suspect and positive spam?

A.    Suspect spam is scored between 50 and 74 and positive is 75 or greater.
B.    Suspect spam is matched into the SUSPECTLIST, where as Positive spam matches on the BLACKLIST.
C.    Suspect spam is scored between 50 and 89 and positive is 90 or greater.
D.    Suspect spam has a reputation score between-1 and-3 and positive is between-3 and-10.

Answer: C

Which of the following features need to be enabled to create reports representing email trends across a company with several C-Series appliances? (Choose two.)

A.    Centralized Reporting on the M-Series
B.    Localized Reporting on the M-Series
C.    Centralized Reporting on the C-Series
D.    Localized Reporting on the C-Series

Answer: AC

Which two CLI commands allow us to retrieve the XML configuration file for backup purposes? (Choose two.)

A.    saveconfig
B.    getconfig
C.    backupconfig
D.    mailconfig
E.    loadconfig
F.    scanconfig

Answer: AD

Which of the following filters can only be applied to outbound messages?

A.    DLP
B.    Anti-Virus
C.    Anti-Spam
D.    Outbreak

Answer: A

Which of the following types of DNS records deals with mail delivery for a specific domain?

A.    A
B.    TXT
C.    MX
D.    PTR

Answer: C

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