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Which option is an ideal environment in which to deploy ACI?

A.    WAN edge
B.    virtual storage farm
C.    disaster recovery site
D.    enterprise core

Answer: C

Which three host encapsulations does ACI fabric support? (Choose three.)

A.    VLAN/802.1q
C.    Stateless Transport Tunneling Protocol for network virtualization
D.    vPC
E.    FabricPath
F.    Geneve

Answer: ABD

Which statement about the role of a spine switch is true?

A.    It connects leaf devices.
B.    It connects spine devices
C.    It connects Cisco APICs.
D.    It connects hosts.
E.    It connects external routers.
F.    It connects service nodes.

Answer: A

Which type of ACI switch provides Layer 3 connections to outside networks?

A.    border leaf devices
B.    leaf devices
C.    spine devices
D.    service leaf devices

Answer: A

Which statement about the infrastructure requirements for an ACI fabric is true?

A.    Hypervisors that connect to the ACI fabric must support the Cisco Discovery Protocol so that ACI can discover the presence of virtualized hosts and deploy policies to the ports on which a virtualized host is present.
B.    The Cisco Nexus 9336PQ form factor is well suited for large enterprise ACI deployments because it provides 288 40 Gigabit Ethernet ports at the spine.
C.    Leaf and spine switches can connect at 40 Gbps with multimode fiber by using the Cisco 40 Gbps short-reach bidirectional QSFP optics modules, which do not require new cabling.
D.    The Cisco ACI fabric uses an overlay, based on MPLS VPN, to virtualize the physical infrastructure. This overlay maps the tenant endpoint addresses to the location of the endpoint using the tunnel endpoint.

Answer: C

Which statement about designing a migration approach of an existing Data Center network to Cisco ACI is true?

A.    The first action is to connect the Cisco APIC to the existing core Layer 3 routers so that the APIC can begin to be involved in traffic forwarding.
B.    When migration is complete, the existing Layer 3 devices should still serve as the default gateway.
C.    The service nodes must be moved first because Layer 4 to Layer 7 services (FW/LB) in the existing network will not be functional during migration.
D.    Simplify the migration by associating every EPG to a VLAN.

Answer: D

Which option is for migrating an existing Data Center network to Cisco ACI?

A.    First migrate existing FEXs to 9500.
B.    First connect the core (for example, Cisco ASR 9000 Router or Cisco Nexus 7000 Series Switches) to the ACI fabric that supports external connectivity routing mechanisms (OSPF NSSA, iBGP, and static routes).
C.    First disable flooding on each bridge domain during migration to avoid broadcast storms.
D.    First migrate existing access layer (for example, Catalyst 5500/6000 + FEX) to Cisco MDS 9500 Series.

Answer: B

In which three ways can a Layer 4 to Layer 7 service node be integrated into an ACI fabric? (Choose three.)

A.    device package
B.    EPG stitching with an opaque service node
C.    OpFlex standard
D.    inline tap between leaf and spine
E.    leverage policy-based routing
F.    VLAN stitching
G.    OpenFlow standard

Answer: ABC

Which four types of devices can be connected to a leaf device in an ACI fabric? (Choose four.)

A.    virtualized servers
B.    10M Ethernet devices
C.    Layer 4 to Layer 7 services nodes
D.    Layer 2 switch using FabricPath
E.    bare metal servers
F.    Layer 3 routers
G.    another leaf

Answer: ACEF

In an ACI topology, what is the minimum required number of Cisco APICs?

A.    one
B.    five
C.    two
D.    four
E.    three

Answer: E

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