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Triggering events can signal an IOT opportunity. Which two options are examples of triggering events that are caused by expansions? (Choose two).

A.    A company purchases a new fleet.
B.    A city is awarded a grantto implement new traffic management.
C.    A city wants a faster bus service system.
D.    A company created a new filing system.

Answer: AB

Triggeringevents can signal an IOT opportunity. Which two options are examples of triggering events that are related to new construction? (Choose two).

A.    Workers are on strike so temporary workers have been brought in.
B.    A manufacturing plant is adding a new warehouse.
C.    A company wants to change its logo.
D.    City construction is booming.

Answer: BD

Which four options are Cisco Connected Transportation solutions? (Choose four.)

A.    Connected Raceway
B.    Connected Motorcycles
C.    Connected Trackside
D.    Connected Train
E.    Connected stations
F.    Connected Roadways

Answer: CDEF

Of the four primary components of the customers install base, which component is the most significant anduntapped opportunity?

A.    Commercial/SMB
B.    service providers
C.    the public sector
D.    enterprise

Answer: A

Triggering events can signal an IoT opportunity. Which two options are examples of triggering events that are caused by an upgrade? (Choose 2)

A.    A restaurant wishes to hire new staff.
B.    A driller purchases new equipment.
C.    A city wants to rename its parks.
D.    A company commits to increasing operational capacity.

Answer: BD

Which option does Cisco lOx enable that benefits the utilities industry?

A.    less strict regulations.
B.    greater worker involvement in bringing additional transformers online when loads increase.
C.    solar power.
D.    increased speed of notifications when transformers change behavior.

Answer: D

What is a primary benefit of mobility as part of the Internet of Everything?

A.    minimizing cyber security threats.
B.    directly increasing the availability of big data.
C.    making information available anytime, anywhere.
D.    increasing worker safety.

Answer: C

What can workers in the manufacturing industry do now as a direct result of Cisco IOx?

A.    Increase their firm’s global relevance.
B.    Expand their company’s marketing initiatives.
C.    Receive earlier notification of an approaching peak or Reduce worker time spent in hold of operation.
D.    Reduce worker time spent in manufacturing plants.

Answer: C

Over the next decade, how much revenue is the Cisco Internet of Things expected to offerby connecting devices worldwide?

A.    $7.4 Trillion
B.    $435 Million
C.    $4.6 Million
D.    $19.6 Billion

Answer: A

Which benefit can the transportation industry receive from the Cisco Internet of Things?

A.    cleaner and more comfortable mass transit.
B.    reduced congestion
C.    faster commercial vehicles
D.    greater public access to port shipping

Answer: B

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