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2016 December Cisco Official New Released 700-801 Dumps in Lead2pass.com!

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According to Cisco surveys, which option do IT Directors care most about?

A.    Increasing plant and facility safety,creating a more welcoming office atmosphere, and optimizing delivery channels.
B.    Reducing labor costs,improving the firm’sinternship program, and upgrading security.
C.    Optimizing delivery channels, improving the client experience, and upgrading security.
D.    Improving operational efficiency improving the company’s data filing system and increasing workplace diversity.

Answer: C

Which two solutions are part of the Cisco internet of Things safety and security portfolio? (Choose two)

A.    financial security
B.    personal security
C.    cyber security
D.    physical security

Answer: CD

Which invention is the Cisco Internet of Things often compared to?

A.    compact discs
B.    the cotton gin
C.    the light bulb
D.    the toaster oven

Answer: C

Which option is one of the primary challenges that customers face with the increasing amount of data that is generated by connected devices?

A.    establishing which employees get to use the data
B.    transforming the data into meaningful insight
C.    not enough workers to analyze the data
D.    accumulate rig worker-relate a data

Answer: B

Which two options are drivers for the integration of the enterprise network and the industrial network? (Choose two.)

A.    enterprise visibility into industrial data
B.    remote expert access to the plant floor to diagnose and resolve problems
C.    the push of manufacturing data directly to executive desktops
D.    VPN access for smart devices to programmable logic controllers

Answer: AB

Which two options are features of the Connected Factory Wireless Autonomous Wireless architecture? (Choose two.)

A.    high scalability
B.    limited coordination of operation between APs
C.    individual management
D.    centralized control
E.    support for high amounts of data traffic

Answer: BC

What is the total value and breakdown of the value at stake for the Internet of Everything?

A.    $19 Trillion: $14.4 Trillion private sector, $4.6 Trillion public sector.
B.    $9 Trillion: $6.2 Trillion private sector, $2.8 Trillion public sector
C.    $9 Trillion: $2.8 Trillion private sector, $6.2 Trillion public sector
D.    $19 Trillion: $4.6 Trillion private sector, $14.4 Trillion public sector

Answer: A

What is the first step that is recommended by Cisco in the execution timeline for the Cisco internet of things?

A.    Evaluate your company’s strengths and skills.
B.    Look for triggering business events.
C.    Conduct sales calls.
D.    Call your Cisco partner Account Manager.

Answer: A

In one case study in which Yarra Tram installed 91000 data points on its tram, Cisco improved day to-day tram operations and passenger experiences.
Which two things achieved these improvements?(Choose two)

A.    Minimizing labor costs.
B.    Upgrading real-time device management.
C.    Increasing asset tracking.
D.    Improving cyber security.
E.    Establishing better worker-to-worker communication.

Answer: BC

Three of the Cisco Connected Oil and Gas solutions are: Connected Refinery, Secure Ops, and oilfield.
Which option is the fourth solution?

A.    Connected pipeline.
B.    Connected Data
C.    Connected Mining
D.    Connected Tram

Answer: A

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