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Which option lists Data Center network architectures?

A.    core is the top layer, spine is mid layer, leafs are the endpoints the compute nodes
B.    DHCPand static IPs Service the cluster of the virtual servers
C.    neutron plugins connect virtual machines to VLANs
D.    a data center consists of physical switches and systems using the latest VLAN protocols

Answer: A

Which option is an open and extensible southbound protocol that supplies policy directly to data center networks?

A.    OpFlex
B.    vPath
C.    VM-FEX
D.    OpenDaylight

Answer: A

Cisco APICs utilize sharding to provide what function for an ACI fabric?

A.    It provides scalability and reliability to the data sets generated and processed by the Distributed Policy Repository, the endpoint registry, the Observer, and the Topology Manager
B.    It provides replication of application network policies across the APICs in the cluster
C.    It provides a method for determining which APIC will act as the master in a fabric during the election process
D.    It provides horizontal scaling ability for policy management on APICs

Answer: A

Which option lists the Cloud deployment models?

A.    public, community, private, hybrid
B.    cluster, community, private, hybrid
C.    public, performance, private, hybrid
D.    public, community, secure, hybrid

Answer: A

What is an invalid Cloud deployment model?

A.    distributed
B.    private
C.    community
D.    hybrid

Answer: A

Which three options are Common Cloud characteristics? (Choose three.)

A.    single tenancy
B.    elasticity
C.    ubiquitous network access
D.    metered service
E.    QoS

Answer: BCD

Which description of Cisco vPath is true?

A.    a protocol that provides end-to-end path assurance for Cloud-based systems
B.    an embedded intelligence in Cisco VEM that provides abstracted control and forward plane functionality
C.    a service that provides forwarding plane abstraction for inline redirection of traffic for vServices
D.    a vService that allows for security policy enforcement through transparent bridging

Answer: C

Which two options are benefits of the Cisco InterCloud Solution? (Choose two.)

A.    enforces standardization on a single hypervisor product
B.    provides self service for hybrid resources
C.    management of heterogeneous SAN solutions
D.    secure connectivity between public and private Clouds

Answer: BD

Which three are the components of Cisco InterCloud solution? (Choose three.)

A.    Cisco InterCloud Fabric Director
B.    Cisco InterCloud Fabric Provider Platform
C.    Cisco InterCloud Fabric Secure Cloud Extension
D.    Cisco InterCloud Fabric Portal
E.    Cisco InterCloud Fabric Secure Cloud Protocol
F.    Cisco InterCloud Fabric Service Platform

Answer: ABC

What best describes the live migration of a virtual machine from one host to another?

A.    It requires shutting down the virtual machine before migration
B.    It requires that the I/O and CPU calls be quiesced to ensure that as the CPU and memory state of a VM is able to be transferred between hosts without interruption of services
C.    It requires that the filesystem of the virtual machine be migrated to the new host before the state can be
D.    The virtual machine will be unavailable for a few seconds while it is suspended, transferred and then reinstated

Answer: B

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