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2017 January Cisco Official New Released 500-007 Dumps in Lead2pass.com!

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This dump is valid to pass Cisco 500-007 and don’t just memorize the answer, you need to get through understanding of it because the question changed a little in the real exam. The material is to supplement your studies.

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After you create a phone book in the Cisco TelePresence Management Suite, which method should you use to populate it with entries?

A.    Connect the phone book to a phone book source.
B.    Manually type entries into the phone book.
C.    Connect the phone book to a gatekeeper.
D.    Upload a file in .mdf format.

Answer: A

The Cisco TCS provides which two functions? (Choose two.)

A.    records any standards-based video conferencing session
B.    records video from IP-based encoders
C.    can stream out live TelePresence sessions over IP networks
D.    allows users to upload videos for conversion into H.264 or MP4

Answer: AC

Which two statements about the Cisco TCS are correct? (Choose two.)

A.    It contains an internal gatekeeper.
B.    It allows creators to edit videos.
C.    It runs on the Windows operating system.
D.    It runs on the Linux operating system.

Answer: BC

What are two ways to set the IP network information on the Cisco TCS? (Choose two.)

A.    DHCP
B.    statically set on its Windows operating system
C.    statically set on its Linux operating system
D.    automatically assigned by the Cisco TelePresence Management Server

Answer: AB

What is the effect of registering the Cisco TCS with the Cisco VCS using H.323 gateway mode?

A.    The Cisco TCS does not support this type of registration.
B.    An unlimited number of recording aliases can be assigned.
C.    The Cisco TCS is prevented from making an outbound call to a Cisco MCU.
D.    The Cisco TCS can traverse calls between SIP and H.323.

Answer: B

Which two statements about Cisco TCS recording aliases are true? (Choose two.)

A.    System recording aliases can only be dialed by the site manager (administrator).
B.    Any recording alias can be triggered by dialing its assigned URI or E.164 number.
C.    Recordings resulting from a personal recording alias can only be managed by their creator.
D.    Final recordings made from a recording alias cannot be modified.

Answer: BC

Which of these constitutes a Cisco TCS recording alias?

A.    a recording template, a media server configuration, and a call configuration
B.    a media server configuration and a call configuration
C.    a recording template and a media server configuration
D.    a recording template and a call configuration

Answer: A

Which two statements about Cisco TCS users are true? (Choose two.)

A.    Users with the creator role can create their own recording aliases.
B.    Local users have only limited Cisco TCS permissions.
C.    Users can be assigned to the Cisco TCS through an Active Directory LDAP server.
D.    User permissions are based on one of three assignable roles.

Answer: CD

Which two statements about Cisco TCS recording templates are true? (Choose two.)

A.    Every recording alias contains one recording template.
B.    They provide a way to produce recordings without a recording alias.
C.    They must always contain a media server configuration.
D.    There can only be one system recording template.

Answer: AC

Which statement about playing back Cisco TCS recordings is true?

A.    It is not possible to play back Cisco TCS recordings from a video endpoint.
B.    The Cisco TCS must register to the Cisco VCS as an H.323 gateway in order to play back recordings on video endpoints.
C.    The Cisco TCS will automatically assign an E.164 playback number to recordings if it is
registered as an H.323 terminal.
D.    The Cisco TCS must register to the Cisco VCS using SIP in order to play back on any video endpoint.

Answer: B

About 90% questions are from this 500-007 dump. One thing you need to pay attention is the questions are rephrased in the real 500-007 exam. And btw selections are jumbled so you must remember the answer itself not the letter of choice.

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