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OpFlex can be used with any tree-based abstract model assuming the tree has what associated with it?

A.    API
B.    port group
C.    URI
D.    PR

Answer: C

Cisco ACI uses which protocol as Southbound Protocol?

A.    OpFlex
B.    RIP
C.    OpenFlow

Answer: A

The Cisco APIC automatically archives and replicates which three data? (Choose three.)

A.    policies
B.    statistics
C.    endpoint database
D.    incremental scalability
E.    partition database
F.    database performance

Answer: ABC

How many nodes in a cluster can the APIC support?

A.    from 1 to 20
B.    from 2 to 50
C.    from 3 to 50
D.    from 3 to 31

Answer: D

In a Cisco ACI cluster, which protocol is used by the Cisco APIC for discovering neighbors?

A.    LLDP
B.    IS-IS
D.    DHCP

Answer: A

What is the maximum number of spine switches supported in a Cisco ACI cluster?

A.    4
B.    6
C.    8
D.    10

Answer: B

What are the two valid SPAN or ERSPAN source options to copy the traffic from the ports as part of troubleshooting? (Choose two.)

A.    one or more switch ports
B.    a Layer 3 subinterface (l3extLIfP)
C.    VLANs or EPGs
D.    a destination IP for the ERSPAN with an IPv6 address

Answer: AC

Which two guidelines or restrictions are valid when using traceroute? (Choose two.)

A.    When the traceroute source or destination is an endpoint, the endpoint must be dynamic and not static.
B.    The traceroute source and destination IP addresses are configured as a combination of IPv4 and IPv6 addresses.
C.    Traceroute only supports endpoint-to-endpoint mode.
D.    A traceroute that is initiated from the tenant endpoints shows the default gateway as an intermediate hop that appears at the ingress leaf switch.

Answer: AD

The Cisco APIC supports which two health score types? (Choose two.)

A.    system-based
B.    policy-based
C.    leaf-based
D.    EPG-based

Answer: AC

What is the name of the program that provides a real-time display of REST API commands that the Cisco APIC processes to perform GUI interactions in Cisco APIC?

A.    CLI Editor
B.    API Inspector
C.    APIC Console
D.    ACI Inspector

Answer: B

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