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Which two statements about the PMM-DETACHED state are true? (Choose two.)

A.    The Mobile Subscriber and SGSN contexts hold no valid location or routing information for
the Mobile Subscriber.
B.    The Mobile Subscriber location is known in the 3G SGSN with an accuracy of a serving RNC.
C.    The serving RNC tracks the location of the Mobile Subscriber.
D.    A 3G SGSN cannot reach the Mobile Subscriber location because the location is unknown.
E.    Signaling towards the HLR is needed if the 3G SGSN does not have an MM context for this
Mobile Subscriber.
F.    The Mobile Subscriber performs a routing area update if the routing area changes.

Answer: AD

Which option is one of the three identifiers of the area ID?

A.    MME
B.    SWG
C.    TAC
D.    GUTI

Answer: C

Which functionality in SGSN is in charge of the activation, modification, and deactivation of a GPRS session?

A.    GPRS mobility management
B.    Session management
C.    GPRS Tunneling Protocol
D.    Cisco Security services

Answer: B

Which statement about SGSN when it is serving a 2G network is true?

A.    In the 2G environment, the SGSN must connect to the BSS via a “physical” circuit.
B.    Less is required of the SGSN when it is serving a 2G network.
C.    The SGSN communicates with RNC when serving a 2G network.
D.    None of the management tasks that are handled in the 3G environment by the RNC are
tasked to the SGSN in the 2G environment.

Answer: A

What did Cisco create to address the issues raised with SGSNs without moving to Direct Tunnel?

A.    per-application flow policing
B.    seamless evolution path to LTE/EPC
C.    mobile Internet NPU fast path feature
D.    mobile traffic caching feature

Answer: C

How many operator policies are supported?

A.    as many as 500
B.    as many as 1000
C.    as many as 1500
D.    as many as 2000

Answer: B

Which logical interface is the communications path between the SGSN and the Cisco GGSN?

A.    Gn interface
B.    IuPS interface
C.    Gi interface
D.    MAP interface

Answer: A

What are two functions of the SGSN operator policy? (Choose two.)

A.    Limited APN configuration
B.    Disabling of feature sets per IMSI range
C.    Handling of only one type of call
D.    Extended QoS control
E.    Setting of the number of system contexts
F.    Assigning of privileges to system operators

Answer: BD

What feature is used to bypass SGSN on data path?

A.    mobile Internet fast path
B.    direct tunnel
C.    GTP-U tunnel
D.    two tunnel

Answer: B

What is the name of the logical interface between SGSN and BSC nodes?

A.    Gn
B.    Gr
C.    Gb
D.    Iu-PS

Answer: C

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