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Which in-line service do most customers currently use?

A.    traffic characterization
B.    rate-limiting
C.    enhanced charging
D.    content filtering

Answer: C

In which two ways do subscriber-aware stateful firewalls complement Internet firewalls? (Choose two.)

A.    resolves the stateless issue with Internet firewalls
B.    provides QoS support on a per-subscriber or per-group basis
C.    provides granular support for per-subscriber or per-group firewall rules
D.    enables user-specific event correlation
E.    enables user-specific throttling

Answer: CD

How many QoS Class Identifiers are defined in LTE technology?

A.    6
B.    9
C.    15
D.    21

Answer: C

Which reference point is used between the UTRAN and the Serving Gateway for user plane tunneling when a direct tunnel is established?

A.    S4
B.    S12
C.    S8a
D.    S5

Answer: B

Which type of Cisco ASR 5000 service is needed for communication between a Cisco MME and a Serving Gateway?

A.    eGTP
B.    SGW
C.    GTPU
D.    PGW

Answer: A

Which subsystem task is responsible for distributing the SCTP between the eNodeB and the MMEMGR tasks?

A.    MME Manager
B.    MME Demux Manager
C.    Session Manager
D.    IMSI Manager

Answer: B

What three functions can be performed by a Cisco PGW? (Choose three.)

A.    MME Selection for Handovers with MME Change
B.    UE IP Address Allocation
C.    Policy Enforcement
D.    Deep Packet Inspection
E.    Tracking Area List Management
F.    Non Access Stratum Signaling

Answer: BCD

Which types of Cisco ASR 5000 services are needed for communication between a Serving Gateway and Packet Data Network Gateway?

A.    EGTP and SGW
B.    EGTP and GTPU
C.    SGW and GTPU
D.    GTPU and PGW

Answer: B

Which two capabilities are part of the MME solution? (Choose two.)

A.    1:n redundancy
B.    rich VPN features
C.    extensive QoS functionality
D.    content filtering
E.    intelligent paging

Answer: AE

LTE was introduced in which 3GPP release?

A.    6
B.    7
C.    8
D.    9

Answer: C

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