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Firewall administrators cannot authenticate to a firewall GUI.
Which two logs on that firewall will contain authentication-related information useful in troubleshooting this issue? (Choose two.)

A.    ms log
B.    authd log
C.    System log
D.    Traffic log
E.    dp-monitor log

Answer: CD

Which option is an IPv6 routing protocol?

A.    RIPv3
B.    OSPFv3
C.    OSPv3
D.    BGP NG

Answer: B

A network security engineer has a requirement to allow an external server to access an internal web server.
The internal web server must also initiate connections with the external server.
What can be done to simplify the NAT policy?

A.    Configure ECMP to handle matching NAT traffic
B.    Configure a NAT Policy rule with Dynamic IP and Port
C.    Create a new Source NAT Policy rule that matches the existing traffic and enable the Bi- directional option
D.    Create a new Destination NAT Policy rule that matches the existing traffic and enable the Bi-directional option

Answer: C

A network design change requires an existing firewall to start accessing Palo Alto Updates from a data plane interface address instead of the management interface.
Which configuration setting needs to be modified?

A.    Service route
B.    Default route
C.    Management profile
D.    Authentication profile

Answer: A

A Network Administrator wants to deploy a Large Scale VPN solution.
The Network Administrator has chosen a GlobalProtect Satellite solution.
This configuration needs to be deployed to multiple remote offices and the Network Administrator decides to use Panorama to deploy the configurations.
How should this be accomplished?

A.    Create a Template with the appropriate IKE Gateway settings
B.    Create a Template with the appropriate IPSec tunnel settings
C.    Create a Device Group with the appropriate IKE Gateway settings
D.    Create a Device Group with the appropriate IPSec tunnel settings

Answer: B

Which CLI command displays the current management plan memory utilization?

A.    > show system info
B.    > show system resources
C.    > debug management-server show
D.    > show running resource-monitor

Answer: B

Which URL Filtering Security Profile action logs the URL Filtering category to the URL Filtering log?

A.    Log
B.    Alert
C.    Allow
D.    Default

Answer: B

What are two prerequisites for configuring a pair of Palo Alto Networks firewalls in an active/passive High Availability (HA) pair? (Choose two.)

A.    The firewalls must have the same set of licenses.
B.    The management interfaces must to be on the same network.
C.    The peer HA1 IP address must be the same on both firewalls.
D.    HA1 should be connected to HA1. Either directly or with an intermediate Layer 2 device.

Answer: AC

Which three rule types are available when defining policies in Panorama? (Choose three.)

A.    Pre Rules
B.    Post Rules
C.    Default Rules
D.    Stealth Rules
E.    Clean Up Rules

Answer: ABC

A network design calls for a “router on a stick” implementation with a PA-5060 performing inter-VLAN routing All VLAN-tagged traffic will be forwarded to the PA-5060 through a single dot1q trunk interface
Which interface type and configuration setting will support this design?

A.    Trunk interface type with specified tag
B.    Layer 3 interface type with specified tag
C.    Layer 2 interface type with a VLAN assigned
D.    Layer 3 subinterface type with specified tag

Answer: D

Which Panorama feature allows for logs generated by Panorama to be forwarded to an external Security Information and Event Management(SIEM) system?

A.    Panorama Log Settings
B.    Panorama Log Templates
C.    Panorama Device Group Log Forwarding
D.    Collector Log Forwarding for Collector Groups

Answer: A

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